Transportation Guide

From the Air! From the Sea! From the Land!
You can approach Chitose!


Japan Airline(JAL) International 011-232-1144
Domestic 011-232-3690
All Nippon Airways(ANA) International 011-281-1212
Domestic 011-726-8800
Hokkaido Air System(HAC) 011-330-0220
AIR DO(ADO) 011-707-1122
Skymark Airlines(SKY) 050-3116-7370
Fuji Dream Airlines(FDA) 0570-55-0489
Peach Aviation(APJ) 0570-200-489
Jetstar Japan(JJP) 0570-550-538
Air Asia Japan(WAJ) 0120-963-516
Aurora Airlines(SHU) 011-222-1433
United Airlines(UAL) 03-6732-5011
Korean Air(KAL) 011-210-3311
China Eastern Airlines(CES) 011-242-1258
Air China(CCA) 0120-474-999
Cathay Pacific Airways(CPA) 03-6746-1000
Eva Airways(EVA) 0123-45-2511
China Airlines(CAL) 0123-46-3111
TransAsia Airways(TNA) 0570-550-075
Hawaiian Airlines(HAL) 0570-018-011
Thai Airways(THA) 0570-064-015
JIN AIR(JNA) 011-221-4196
T’way Airlines(TWB) 0570-033-302
Spring Airlines(CQH) 0570-666-188
New Chitose Airport Information 0123-23-0111

Train(JR) Station

JR Chitose Station 0123-23-2040
JR Minami Station 0123-24-6150
JR New Chitose Station 0123-45-7001
JR Travel service center
(Twinkle Plaza Chitose)
Chitose Station Branch


Hokkaido Chuo Bus Chitose office 0123-23-2171
Donan Bus New Chitose Airport center 0123-46-5701
Hokuto Kotsu 011-375-6000
Chitose Sougo Kankou Bus 0123-28-8822
Hokkaido Takushoku Bus Chitose office 0123-22-4038


Chitose Kotsu Chitose office 0123-23-3121
Chitose Hokko Hire
(chauffeur‐driven hired car)
Chitose Showa Kotsu 0123-24-6000
Yutaka Kotsu 0123-23-9111
Hokuto kotsu Chitose hire office
(chauffeur‐driven hired car)
Dohou Kotsu 0123-28-5566
Kinsei Jidousya Chitose office 0123-26-1411


MOL Ferry 0144-34-3121
Taiheiyo Ferry 0144-34-5185
Shin Nihonkai Ferry
(Tomakomai-Higaikoh Ferry Terminal)
Tomakomai West Port Ferry Terminal 0144-33-9261

Retal Car/Rental Motorbike

TOYOTA Rent a Car Sapporo New Chitose Airport POPLAR office 0123-23-0100
TOYOTA Rent a Car SHINSAPPORO New Chitose Airport SUZURAN 0123-24-0100
OTS Rent a Car 0123-27-7000
Rental 819 Kizuki SHIN-CHITOSE 0123-25-5635
Best Bike NEW Chitose Airport 0123-29-4931

Petrol Station

Sanyu-Sekiyu Chitose Hanazono Service station 0123-23-4630
Chitose Airport Motor Service 0123-45-2301

Japan Road Traffic Information Center

Domestic common number 050-3369-6666
Domestic Expressway number 050-3369-6700