Guide of Chitose and its neighboring towns

There are many attractive points around New Chitose Airport! Let’s make a lot of memories that stay in your heart by going the impressive sightseeing route!

Distance and time

From Chitose

Abira 23 About minutes (about 23km)
Eniwa 25 About minutes (about 25km)
Otaki, Date About 60 minutes (about 40km)
Tomakomai About 30 minutes (about 27km)
Naganuma About 28 minutes (about 20km)
Yuni About 40 minutes (about 30km)

Recommended Points


  • Road Station”Maoi-no-oka Park”
  • Kita-Naganuma Suigou Park
  • Naganuma-Onsen(Hot Spring)

There is the gently-sloping hill named “Maoi-Hill” in the east of the town. At the foot of the hill there is the hot spring “Naganuma-Onsen”. Using beautiful hills, “Heidi-Farm” is full and lively with tourists.


  • Yunni-Spa (Hot-spring Hotel)
  • Yuni garden

You can enjoy the feeling of the resort fully at Hot-Spring Hotel “Yunni-Spa” which is a Log-House style and surrounded by rich nature. The large herb-garden and the oldest fossil of the mammoth in Japan attract many people’s attention. It is popular among Hokkaido people as the town of Flower and Sightseeing.


  • Three waterfalls: “Sandan-no-taki” “Rarumanai-no-taki” “Hakusen-no-taki”
  • Lake-Eniwa/”Midori-no-Furusato Forest Park”
  • Road and River station “Hana-Road-Eniwa”

Eniwa is located northwestern of Chitose. It’s so beautiful valley at the upper reach of Izari river which flows through the city. There are “Hakusen-no-taki” and “Rarumanai-no-taki” and so on. We recommend the drive course Eniwa – Lake Shikotsu through “Hakusen-no-taki”.


  • Deer Park
  • Railway Museum

Specialities mostly involve Oiwake-Asahi-Melon
Abira is located at the junction with Muroran-line, Ishikari-line. It’s the new city born in March, 2006 by the municipal merger of Hayakita and Oiwake. Deer Park is popular, which has Red Sunflowers used to be a national flower of Azteca Empire.


  • Lake Utonai Sanctuary
  • Mt.Tarumae
  • Surf Clam

Tomakomai is the port town facing the Pacific Ocean which located southwestern of Chitose. It has Mt.Tarumae which has rare lava dome in the world and also has Lake-Utonai registered as a national wildlife protection area and a wetland under the Ramsar Convention. Lake-Utonai called “Paradise for wild birds” is popular tourist place.


  • Road station “Forest 276 Otaki” (The village of the biggest Log-houses in the world)
  • Sankai-fall (It drops down by making three steps.)
  • Kitayuzawa-Onsen(Hot Spring)

It’s located the center of national park Lake-Shikotsu, the name comes from the sightseeing place “Sankai-fall”. There are a lot of Kitayuzawa-Onsen(Hot Spring) lovers to stay long, because It’s the place of scenic beauty facing the mountain stream of Osaru-river. The road station which is 200 meters Log-house is a must sightseeing place!