Introduction of ”Chitose Station Tourist Information

Chitose tourism will begin from “MILU”

We have some brochures of Chitose and its environs and also the other main tourist towns in Hokkaido. Those are about tourist facilities, hotels, shops and so on.
We have the specialized staffs to advise you about the local seasonal information and the free internet!


Here you can get the most tourist information of Chitose and its environs, the other main tourist towns in Hokkaido.

Here is the information station for “Tourism”. We have the information and the brochures about Tourist facilities, Hotels, and Shops in Chitose and its environs. We also have them about the main tourist towns as Sapporo, Asahikawa, and Hakodate.
You can get the information via free internet here.

The specialized staffs support the tourists to plan their sightseeing and spend their extra time.

We will advise you about the sightseeing in Chitose and its environs. Please feel free to ask us anything, for example “Where can I do strawberry picking?” or “How can I get to the hotel?”, “Where can we do canoeing?”.
Of course, you can ask on phone.
You can use our space for the meeting spot and so on.

You can get the information here about the flowers and the others in season!

We have a lot of information about festivals, events, seasonal flowers, colored leaves, hotels, tourism facilities, and so on.

The coupon tickets which named “Welcome card” give you good-value.

You can enjoy foods, shopping, hot spring, and tourism facilities at Chitose in good-value by this “Welcome card”.

We have been registered as “VISIT JAPAN INFORMATION” by JNTO. We became more convenient for foreign tourists than before.

“VISIT JAPAN INFORMATION” is the face-to-face information office which has good environment for foreign tourists and registered by JNTO. It has the staffs who can speak foreign languages and the brochures in foreign languages.
You can use the interpreter telephone. English, Chinese, and Korean are available.

Chitose magazine “Beautify Chitose” , which being closely packed with the tourist information is for free.

Beautify Chitose
“Beautify Chitose” is focused on the information for Activity and Learning places, hotels, restaurant, souvenirs.
You’ll get the information about nice views, canoeing, rafting, agricultural and dairy farming experiences, golf, hot spring, factory tour, and so on.
Why don’t you have this magazine with your trip?

Rental Bicycle

We have the rental bicycles to go sightseeing and shopping! We have three type of bicycles, the first is normal one with the basket, the second is the mountain one, the third one is for child.
You can rent bicycles also at “Lake Shikotsu Tourist Information”, and you can use only one way between Lake Shikotsu and Chitose. You need the deposit when you rent it, it’ll be back when you return it.

Rental Fee
City bicycle for adult 500yen per day
Mountain bicycle for adult
Mountain bicycle for child

We rent bicycles on the first-come-first-served-basis. We appreciate your understanding.

Chitose Tourism and Local Shop “MILU” and Chitose Station Tourist Information are here!


Chitose Station Plaza 2F, Chiyoda-cho 7-1789-3, Chitose 066-0062, JAPAN
Map code:113888105*11
Open:10:00 a.m.-18:00p.m.
Closed only on 1st of January
TEL +81-123-24-8801
FAX +81-123-24-8819

If you come by car, please use PEWRE parking.
2-hour free