Floral atelier Aya

We have a one-day class of Flower arrangement. Please call and inquire about the details and make a reservatio […]

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Lake Shikotsu Sightseeing Boat

On Sightseeing Boat you feel great nature of Lake Shikotsu. You can see the bottom of the Lake from Underwater […]

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Maruzen Foods

Tarumae-area in Tomakomai-city is the largest producer of “Surf Clam” among all municipalities in the prefectu […]

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Matsuura Farm

The direct sales shop has opened from mid-April. The vegetables are produced by reduced agrochemical cultivati […]

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It’s a sightseeing and leisure facility easily to have fun with snow. Tube sliding is so aggressiveas much as […]

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Ocean Days Lake Shikotsu

We introduce a variety of seasonal activities at Lake Shikotsu with the best quality of water in Japan. One is […]

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Poropinai(Lake-Shikotus Sightseeing center)

You can have a Ageimo(Deep fried potato ball), a soft-serve ice cream and the other kinds of meals with the vi […]

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Salmons’ Hometown CHITOSE AQUARIUM

Chitose River, which rises in Shikotsu-Lake National Park, is a birthplace of modern artificial incubation and […]

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