We are Japanese-Western style confectionery and bread shop that have been loved by local people. We have and produce abundant line-up from just made and baked one to Hokkaido souvenirs sweets. One of our recommendation is “Haskapp Jewely” made from blue honeysuckle which also called haskap, a speciality fruit of Hokkaido. Another is “selling bread by weight” that you can choose what you want from more than 15 kinds of small bread. Chitose is the one of the best production of hen’s egg in Hokkaido, now “Chitose Umare-no-Tamago Manju(Steamed bun with the yolk of egg and sweet white beans)” which made from Chitose eggs named “Kokumaro” is very popular here.You can enjoy selecting both souvenirs and snacks here.

Address 4-12-1 Chiyoda-cho, Chitose
TEL 0123-23-4181
Open hours 8:00〜19:30
Holiday Irregular holidays
Mapcode 113858634*65